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 ===== Paper Bits – Make your Analog Synthesizer ===== ===== Paper Bits – Make your Analog Synthesizer =====
-A [[http://​paperpcb.dernulleffekt.de/​doku.php?​id=paper_bits:​paper_bits_main|Paper Bits]] workshop by Wolfgang Spahn\\\\+A [[http://​paperpcb.dernulleffekt.de/​doku.php?​id=paper_bits:​paper_bits_main|Paper Bits]] workshop by Wolfgang Spahn\\
-Date: **22. - 23March 2019**\\+{{:​paperbits_march2019:​paperbits_01.jpg?​800|}}\\ 
 +Date: **05. - 06April 2019**\\
 Time: 11am to 7pm\\  Time: 11am to 7pm\\ 
 Workshop Fee: 90€\\ Workshop Fee: 90€\\
 Material: 50€\\ Material: 50€\\
-8 seats are available\\+<del>8 seats are available</​del>​ fully booked\\
 at **Studio W.Spahn**\\ at **Studio W.Spahn**\\
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 Berlin Wedding (S-Bahn Humboldhain)\\ Berlin Wedding (S-Bahn Humboldhain)\\
 [[https://​goo.gl/​forms/​OjGR1lMXGd5OH3Qv1|Registration]]\\ [[https://​goo.gl/​forms/​OjGR1lMXGd5OH3Qv1|Registration]]\\
 or via mail: post(at)wolfgang-spahn.de\\ or via mail: post(at)wolfgang-spahn.de\\