Hand-Crank Energy Harvester

a workshop by Wolfgang Spahn

What is the easiest way to produce electric energy? How could we generate enough to light up the night?

Energy harvesting is the name for the industrial process to generate small amount of energy with solar power, thermal energy, wind energy or kinetic energy. Normally that technology is used for small, wireless autonomous high tech devices. But we can use that technology for our daily live, too?

In the workshop we will learn about different ways to generate electricity, we will make some tests with chemical power, we will learn how solar power can be used, we even can generate thermal energy from our body. And certainly we will work with kinetic energy.

We build in two days our own beautiful kinetic crank generator populated with a lot of LEDs, white ones for the daily working light and colorful ones for the real magic moments.

11.-12. February 2019
Orangi Pilot Project, Karachi, Pakistan


with support of Goethe Institute Pakistan