Sound Synthesis and MIDI with the Arduino

by Wolfgang Spahn

Dates: 17.12. / 7.1. / 21.1. / 4.2.
Monday from 2pm to 5pm

The micro-controller board Arduino is an easy to use but never the less powerful tool for generating sound and controlling instruments for an installation or performance, or making interactive sonifications of sensors. With the technique of sound synthesis one can generate sound using the amazing Mozzi library on an Arduino. This will allow to build synthesizers and all kind of electronic instruments.
The digital music protocol MIDI is a standard way of controlling instruments. The Arduino can work with the MIDI system to create musical instruments and manipulate sound.

The workshop addresses students who wants to generate sound or control MIDI instruments with an Arduino. The 4 days course covers the basic knowledge. The course will provide an insight into simple circuits, the Arduino software and the general use of an Arduino.
We will learn the basics about the Arduino, the MIDI protocol and how to use it as well as the basic of digital sound synthesis.

Please bring your laptop (Win, Mac or Linux) with the Arduino IDE installed and if you have your Arduino.


17.12. Basics of the Arduino
7.1. Controlling MIDI devices
21.1. Sound Synthesis with the Arduino
4.2. Interfacing with the Arduino

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